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SHORT BIO: Marino was born in Bologna, Italy and moved to the United States with his family at an early age. He was awarded a Full Scholarship by the San Francisco Art Institute and graduated in 1972 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Photography and Film. The same year, he traveled throughout Europe and the Far East as a Photojournalist and his work was featured in numerous exhibitions and publications, including one-man shows in London, Milano and Bologna. During the 1970's, Marino operated a successful Commercial Photography and Film Studio in San Francisco garnering dozens of publications and exhibitions internationally. His visual style, his ability to work with people and his problem solving experience translated beautifully to film making.

Marino formed his first production company, IMAGENATION in the late seventies and during that period he Produced, Directed and Photographed: "STRAIGHT TIME: HE WROTE IT FOR CRIMINALS," an award winning documentary about the making of a Dustin Hoffman feature; and then he Directed THE RATING GAME, another award winning documentary about the structure of the television industry and the significance of the ratings system; and DOIN' TIME WITH JESUS, a TV Special Documentary about religion in prison featuring Pat Boone in San Quentin. Marino formed BRAVO ENTERTAINMENT, INC. in 1980 in Los Angeles to develop and produce Motion Pictures, Commercials, Promotionals, Health Education Films, Documentaries, and Short Subjects. In 1997 BRAVO was restructured into LUCID MEDIA.

MORE CREDITS: Marino Produced and Co-Directed the Photography of a bitter-sweet musical drama "END OF THE RAINBOW," starring celebrated jazz musician RAY PIZZI and distributed theatrically by 20TH Century Fox. The winner of Six First Place International Film Festival Awards including MANNHEIM GERMANY, CHICAGO AND CRACOW POLAND it opened to rave reviews by The Hollywood Reporter and has been cablecast by all the major networks including the Arts and Entertainment Network and broadcast in ten foreign countires and broadcast on the HDNet.

Marino Directed, Photographed and Edited a feature documentary entitled "RESERVOIRS OF STRENGTH," celebrating the strength of the human spirit and the effect of love on the recovery of people who have been severely burned. To it's credit, the film has been distributed to about 600 burn trauma units throughout the USA and Canada. Broadcast by KCET(PBS) and three networks in Canada, two in England, and one in Ireland. As one of Colmano's proudest achievements, it has garnered Ten Awards including a Gold Cindy Award, Gold Apple Award, Silver Award at the Houston International Film Festival, and a Certificate of Merit from the Chicago International Film Festival.

Marino was Producer-Director-D.P. on a promotional for LAST CALL (Brandon Tartikoff's late night talk show for MCA-TV). The shows producer, Ed Horwitz (multi-Emmy Award winner for Unsolved Mysteries) raved...
"the promo is so brilliant, that in the majority of cases, it sold the show without screening the pilot."

Marino Colmano has also produced mumerous live action productions for Universal Pictures, MCA-TV, Warner Bros., Castle Rock, TriStar, MGM, DISNEY, and Twentieth Century Fox (Small Wonder) which have included national commercials promoting SNATCH, RETURN TO ME, OCTOBER SKY, WATER WORLD, JUNIOR, CARLITO'S WAY, SCENT OF A WOMAN, LORENZO'S OIL, DANCES WITH WOLVES, MR. BASEBALL and BACKDRAFT, to name but a few.

Marino's work as Director of Photography on the two hour special THE FANTASY WORLDS OF IRWIN ALLEN for the SciFi Channel. He has also been the D.P. on a number of A&E Biography episodes. Various short dramatic films (The Parking Ticket) and Infomercials and Instuctional DVDs (Kung Yo) have benefited by Marino's astute use of light.

Marino Directed the Photography for "THE TREASURE DIVERS," which presented a unique opportunity to film a Mel Fisher search for a famous sunken Spanish galleon in the Caribbean. Then the short film "HAPPY ENDINGS" for which Marino directed the photography and received two film festival awards including The Golden Athena.


Marino is available on a free lance basis as a Producer, Writer, Director and/or Cinematographer/ He is always available for challenging assignments in any production endeavor. Look over this web site carefully for examples of productions in your arena. Please feel free to contact Marino regarding the costs for development, scripting, budgets and full scale production. Bids will gladly be prepared for viable, funded projects.

Marino Directed the Photography for the one hour definitive documentary, COLD FUSION: Fire from Water, about one of the most important scientific discoveries in recent history. It is photographed in Digital Betacam 16:9 wide screen format for the upcoming high-definition television millenium. Winner of the 1999 Aurora Award Platinum Best of Show and Winner of a 2000 21st Annual Telly Award.

Marino was Producer-Director-D.P. for a Self-Defense and Self-Awareness course developed by Corey Jacoby to instruct women in simple yet effective, self-defense movements. THE DANGER ZONE, endorsed by nationally syndicated radio talk show host and best selling author DR. LAURA SCHLESSINGER, was also honored in the "Training/Education" category of 1998 Aegis National Awards of Excellence for its outstanding production quality. The course teaches women to be Aware, Prepare, and React -- to invasions of their personal space -- simply referred to as "THE DANGER ZONE."

Colmano line produced and directed the photography of the inspirational film HEAR NO EVIL for the National Conference of Christians & Jews featuring Angela Lansbury as the spokeswoman.

Marino received a Telly Award for Direction and Cinematography on his "PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE" commercial campaign for METROMEDIA and another Telly for SAN DIEGO TRANSIT, NO FUSS BUS. Colmano Directed, Photographed and Edited A GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY in co-production with Playboy, a 35mm short dramatic/erotic film for cable and home video release.

Marino produced and photographed a major promotional campaign for the re-release of 20th Century Fox's original BATMAN TELEVISION SERIES. His SMALL WONDER promo received an additional Telly Award and a BPME Certificate of Merit. Promo packages have been completed for LAST CALL, THE GORDON ELLIOTT SHOW, THE CHEVY CHASE SHOW, M*A*S*H, THE SIMPSONS, STUDS, THE BERTICE BERRY SHOW and MR. BASEBALL among others.

Marino was a Director/Cameraman for interstitial documentary segments on 34 episodes of OXYGEN MEDIA's, AS SHE SEES IT, a national cable network series that showcased independent documentaries. Most recently Colmano produced an HD marriage wellness program featuring online video exercises for marriage counseling for Colmano produced on many occasions, National TV spots for Market Masters Legal featuring William Shatner and Eric Estrada.


Marino is available as a consultant in the creation
of treatments, screenplays, development proposals, breakdowns, budgets, and fully developed business plans.


Marino designs custom websites (see examples) and can arrange afforadable domain registration and hosting. Click" iPage" to sign up your domain choice and hosting. Marino can guide you by telephone. Email for insturctions.affiliate_link

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