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(Partial List of Completed Screenplays)

RUN FROM YOUR SHADOW -- A psychological thriller set in Rome, Italy. A Hollywood stringer writing for the trade papers believes he is loosing his mind. Or is he being driven mad? Screenplay by Peter Baldwin (Emmy Award Winning Director) and Marino Colmano.

TAXI DANCIN' -- A contemporary drama-thriller with a very "dime a dance" is alive and scintillating. This is a well paced, real-life drama, and a wonderful vehicle for showcasing new young actors, dancers and music for a younger audience. Screenplay by Marino Colmano.

DANDELIONS -- Prince David's Kingdom is about to get a whole lot smaller. On his tenth birthday, the prince accidentally gets "fairy-sized." Young David must battle ants, dragonflies, bees, yellow jackets, toads, praying mantis, birds, cats, and owls all in an effort to save the beautiful young fairy, Isabelle, in order to save his own life and save the Dandelion field in which the fairies reside. Dandelions is an epic romantic fairytale that gives credence to the tradition of making a wish. Screenplay by Patrick A. Wellman

MORNINGSIDE -- A "feel good" family film centered in a small rural American town. It is a story about forgiveness, spirituality, belief, and understanding, and how Nick, a recluse who lives on the outskirts of town can make the world a better place. In Morningside, the most precious gifts come from the heart. Morningside's universal theme conjures memories of It's A Wonderful Life, and A Christmas Story. Screenplay by Patrick A. Wellman.


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