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COLD FUSION: Fire From Water

Hosted by James Doohan "Scotty" from Star Trek

With Sir Arthur C. Clarke


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This definitive television and home video documentary explores the reemergence of one of the most important scientific discoveries in history. Cold Fusion burst onto the world scene in 1989 with a press conference at the University of Utah--ironically less than 12 hours before the Exxon Valdez disaster. This much maligned, yet now confirmed discovery may very well radically change the energy structure of civilization in the 21st century. It is already challenging our understanding of the very nature of matter.

 Together with Cold Fusion Technology, Inc. of New Hampshire, Free Spirit Productions has produced a one-hour program made-for-digital wide screen television, scheduled for release in the spring of 1999. This program will detail the true story of this discovery and the scientific quest for its explanation and exploitation. Hundreds of scientists and engineers worldwide are detecting verified, repeatable, yet unexplainable phenomena that clearly show a powerful source of energy within water. Intense energy releases from an expanding variety of experiments and prototype commercial technologies is examined.

 Also established are transmutations of heavy elements - a form of "modern alchemy" that still cannot be explained within the framework of presently understood physics. Perhaps new physics will have to be developed to deal with all of this, but even without a firm understanding of the physics, technological development of Cold Fusion is well underway, as this documentary illustrates.

Palladium atomic lattice

 This fledgling science and technology proceeds despite the outcries of a powerful academic elite who in a rush-to-judgment ridiculed -- and continue to ridicule --  Fleischmann & Pons's now famous 1989 announcement of room-temperature, "nuclear reactions in a jar."

 At long last a non-polluting energy source has emerged that will end the environmentally-destructive Fossil Fuel Age. It will also lead to the elimination of radioactive waste left over from nuclear weapons production and fission nuclear power.

 The documentary explores the recent history, science, and technology of Cold Fusion and addresses the opportunities and problems that lie ahead.  With Martin Fleischmann, Michael McKubre, Ed Storms, Eugene Mallove, John O'M. Bockris, George Miley, Les Case, Jean Paul Vigier, and many other world class scientists.

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